Rob Murphy Foundation Announces Reading Challenge for Detroit Youth

Rob Murphy has always known that regardless of where life would take him, he would find a way to give back to his community in Detroit.  A product of Detroit Public Schools, Murphy takes pride in being from Detroit but also understands the challenges that the students within the school district face. 

In 2014, Murphy created the Rob Murphy Foundation, a platform which would allow him to spend time with and invest in the youth in Detroit and Ypsilanti, where he know leads the Eastern Michigan University men’s basketball program.  In the short period, Murphy and the foundation have donated iPads, books, classroom supplies, Christmas gifts, food and more to help the students and families of these communities. 

As Murphy continues to spread the message of “Every Child Needs Opportunity,” a mantra that has guided the foundation in the first two years, the organization will be launching the “Rob Murphy Reading Challenge” this fall, which will include providing a book to each and every student at Bagley Elementary. 

With over 450 students at Murphy’s former elementary (where he attended school and later taught), the foundation is looking for help from community members to help sponsor kids to receive books for the reading challenge. The campaign will launch on Generosity (sister site of Indie GoGo) with a goal of raising $5,000 for the reading challenge. 100% of the funds raised through the campaign will directly benefit the purchase of books for the reading challenge.

“It’s imperative that we as educators help students across the country understand why learning to read at the earliest age is very important," said Murphy. 

He added, "When children learn to read they attain greater general knowledge, expanded vocabulary and better overall concentration while developing self confidence. Becoming effective readers will help our students communicate more effectively orally as well as in writing which will help their overall future success. I’m very excited about our reading challenge were hosting." 


An April 2015 article in the Detroit Free Press stated, “There are still many in the city and the region who lack the qualifications for a decent job and the reading skills to even get into a job-training program — a sobering fact that will hold back our city and region's economic renaissance.”

No matter what path Murphy has taken in his career, Detroit has always remained close to Coach’s heart. This initiative is a testament to his continued promise to improve the region and to ensure every child gets the opportunities they deserve.

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The Rob Murphy Foundation Returns to Bagley Elementary for "The Gift of Sharing" Food Drive

The Rob Murphy Foundation has partnered with Bagley Elementary School to host the second annual food drive, “The Gift of Sharing.”  The event will take place Friday, December 18, from 10am to 2pm at the elementary school. 

Volunteers will work with a group of students to make holiday cards and pack food boxes for 25 neighborhood senior citizens that have been identified as being in need of additional assistance with access to food. In addition, packages will also be created for 45 families from Bagley Elementary.  When the families arrive to pick up the boxes, volunteers will greet them and assist in carrying them to their vehicles. 

The Rob Murphy Foundation was created in 2014 by Detroit native and current Eastern Michigan University men’s basketball head coach Rob Murphy with a clear vision: every child needs opportunity.  The mission of the Rob Murphy Foundation is to provide support and opportunities for youth in under-served areas, so that through education, health awareness, and community involvement, today and tomorrow's youth may experience the positive impact of their interaction with this foundation.

Rob Murphy enters his fifth year as Head Coach of Eastern Michigan University’s men’s basketball team and has reached a number of milestones including a key road victory over the University of Michigan last season. During his inaugural season of 2011-12, Murphy led EMU to its first-ever MAC West Division Championship, and was named MAC Coach of the Year as well as Co-Coach of the Year in the NCAA District 14 Division I ranks by the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC). 

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Rob Murphy Foundation Holds Bagley Elementary “Back to School” Event

On Friday, September 18th, the Rob Murphy Foundation returned to Bagley Elementary to host a “Back to School” event.  Head Coach Rob Murphy, a group of volunteers and some of the members of the EMU Men’s Basketball coaching staff and team were on hand to help distribute arts and crafts supplies and read with some of the classrooms. They also got to spend some time during recess with the kids jump roping, playing hopscotch and even shooting some hoops.

This was the foundation’s third time at Bagley Elementary as part of their efforts to help make an impact at the school Coach Murphy attended growing up. 

“Being able to return to Bagley is special for me but now that we’ve made a few trips with the team and volunteers it’s nice to see the kids excitement when we arrive and to build relationships with them to let them know we’re here for them,” said EMU Men’s Basketball Head Coach Rob Murphy. 

The Rob Murphy Foundation was founded in July 2014 to make sure every child has opportunities.  Through programming at Bagley Elementary, the Boys and Girls Club of Huron Valley and other local and regional partnerships, the Rob Murphy Foundation is able to transform the youth and reshape their futures.  For information or to make a donation, visit 

The Rob Murphy Foundation and Bagley Elementary Continue to Grow Partnership

The Rob Murphy Foundation has continued to grow and sustain its partnership with Bagley Elementary.  Bagley Elementary holds a special place in the development of the foundation as founder, Rob Murphy, was both a student and a teacher at the school.

The Rob Murphy Foundation guides its work based on the idea of choosing to work with partners for a sustained period of time to increase the impact that the foundation may have on the groups and communities they serve.  The foundations’s partnership with Bagley Elementary has served as the blueprint for working with schools in Southeastern Michigan.

Most recently, volunteers from the foundation spent the day at Bagley working with students in the classroom, delivering art supplies, books, and stuffed animals to very enthusiastic students.  Volunteers also taught soccer skills to the students.  All supplies and recreational equipment are then donated to the school, with the intent to improve the student experience and assist the school in furthering the reach of its resources.  The Rob Murphy Foundation was created in June of 2014 by Detroit native and current Eastern Michigan University men’s basektball head coach Rob Murphy with a clear vision: every child needs opportunity.  

“We have learned a tremendous amount from the administrators and students at Bagley.  We appreciate their willingness to work with us as we grow the foundation, and it is our privilege to be able to assist them with some of their needs.” commented Murphy.  “We are committed to continuing this partnership and meeting even greater needs in the future.”