The mission of the Rob Murphy Foundation is to provide support and opportunities for youth in under-served areas, so that through education, health awareness, and community involvement, today and tomorrow's youth may experience the positive impact of of their interaction with this foundation.

We will...

1.  Work collaboratively with schools, churches and other community organizations to identify the systemic needs of youth in low-income or distressed neighborhoods.

2.  Strategically develop programming and opportunities that allow our volunteers, donors, and Board members to present impactful educational, recreation and community based activities for youth.

3.  Thoughtfully consider the lessons that youth will learn and how those lessons (such as leadership and empowerment) will be best presented in a meaningful and inspiring way.

4.  Listen to those we partner with and those we aspire to work with, so that we continue to grow and evolve as a Foundation that serves the needs of youth in the City of Detroit and the state of Michigan.