Gift of Sharing

This was a phenomenal day! To see my vision of the Rob Murphy Foundation come to life by hosting the Gift of Sharing was both rewarding and energizing. We will continue to build our foundation so that we can help meet the needs of the underserved youth in this community and throughout Detroit.
— Rob Murphy, Founder

The Rob Murphy Foundation held its inaugural "Gift of Sharing" event at Bagley Elementary on December 18th.

Volunteers, with the help of students, helped pack boxes of food for 75 families in the Bagley community and an additional 25 for a local senior citizen home. 

The EMU Men’s Basketball team and staff were on hand as well to help pack boxes, read to and play games with the students, make Christmas cards for senior citizens and help make the event an overall success.

Bagley Elementary holds a close place to Rob Murphy’s heart. Having not only went to school there as a child, Murphy’s first job out of college was a teacher there as well. Naturally, he understood the needs in the community and wanted to help make an impact for a place that he will always call home. 

"There were so many amazing things that happened today, but one of the most rewarding was to reconnect with several of my former students and to meet many of the families that are part of the Bagley community.  It is a privilege to spend time together and assist them.  I feel blessed by the opportunities and experiences I have in my life.  It is my honor to give back,” said Murphy. 

Nikki Borges, Chair of the Board for the Rob Murphy Foundation was thrilled with the event and to see, first-hand, the impact they were making in the community.  

It was an amazing experience to begin our programming for the foundation and it was wonderful to work with the administrators at Bagley Elementary. They helped us shape an event that served both the needs of their students and community. We look forward to growing our involvement in the community and expanding our reach as we grow as a foundation
— Nikki Borges, Chair of the Board